Tünde Tucsek photographer

I was born in 1979 and I have been working as a photographer for 10 years.
These are only data, which don’t tell anything.   

For me years don’t really matter but experiences do. Moments I could catch. Feelings I could grasp with the help of light, shadows and forms.
The camera in my hand is only a mean to express what my eyes and soul can sense.
It doesn’t matter if you dance or if you write poems, whether you sing or paint or take photos. The meaning is the same. Creating is expressing yourself, it is the joy of giving.

Words, voices, moves, pictures- if they go together with talent- can tell stories and trigger feelings, passions from deep inside. Even for years, decades back.
Apart from the fact that my pictures can be found in family photoalbums or in the files of the computers or they can be seen on posters or they stay alive on pages of newspapers, I always do my best with pleasure and enthusiasm.

Please if you are interested in, see my gallery!
They tell more than these words.

Thank you,


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